You’re Not Alone

I want you to know: that you are dearly beloved. You are a promise, you hold a purpose. The darkness holds destruction, but the light gives life. Don’t give up now, don’t give up. The grace you’re made of, the dreams you’ve been given. Lies that fill anxiety, plans to steal that produces fear. Your burdens, your bondage; just let go.

Run, child run away from this cruelty. Stand in the storm, let the waves come, your heart is being molded in these chain of events. Oh child, you and me, we’re not alone, we’ll find a joy, we’ll find the perfect plan, we’ll look to our compass made up of words written of wisdom, inspiration, and revelation. He stood with me, He will stand with you. Why walk away from perfect love?

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This Hope is Alive

Have you lost it all, so broken away from the land you dreamt to walk on? Have you carried this great bondage, chained down by the weight of the world, carrying far more than you can bear? Tears of great sorrows, dreams disappeared before the dawn of day. There you were walking astray, lost in hurt with a world boarded up with walls you built by this anxiety trapping you.

Take a breath, slow your walk down, you can trust in a new love. Like sweet xylophone melodies rocking you to sleep, ease your mind, you can trust in a greater love. A nearby lullaby playing through this storm you’ve encountered, something seems so supernatural on this night you walk past. I know it’s hard to trust in love again, but this is a perfect love that drives out fear. You can let these walls down, you can run through these fields. Before you saw the storm that could come, but now you’ll see the beauty of flowers, and sunsets, the crafted wonder you could be missing. The view of the moon, and stars, no, this light never left.

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Healing Hearts

Staring into space, wondering what went wrong. How you went so far gone, where right seems unreachable from here. As the light you used to see is dwindling away before your periphery. Clouds, and fog; the anger of the storm raging through your mind. Even when the sun shines you’re still thinking back on the rain. Somehow, you’ve fallen out of love with the love that once healed you. You were set free only to be living in these chains once again. A prison of broken dreams. You turned to a temporary happiness that’s followed by pain to find healing. Living in bondage to something that’s set out to destroy you. Continue reading “Healing Hearts”

The Life Nearby

Can you believe it? The storm is here again.
Years, and years, you stumbled in darkness.
Hope seemed just too far,
from where you are.
Dreams of the past,
you had only seen a glimpse at night.

You searched for love,
only to let it go.
As you ran out searching for love,
you took the wrong path,
distancing yourself even further away.

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A True Love Promise

If I could part the clouds right now in your life, so you could see the sunlight so clearly. So you could have the courage to wish upon a star tonight, to believe in the dreams you once dreamed. If I could rewrite these years that went away, to give you that fairy tale your heart desired long ago before it drifted off to sea. As you stumbled off into the wilderness, a place that seemed close yet far off the road. Hurting, from such a pain, lost in wonder what to do next.

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Book Announcement (and other updates)

Hi readers,

It’s hard to believe, but I am approaching my one year mark for my blog. Back when I launched it on August 21st, 2016. Since then I’ve published 57 blog posts, and have reached close 50,000 visits. Thank you all so much for those of you who have read even just one of my blog posts or just paid this site a visit.

I realize my blog hasn’t been very active since late of last year. But I do plan on writing more posts here as God puts them in my heart.

I’m also happy to announce that I am currently working on my first book, and am planning on publishing it later this year. I’ll be announcing the title of it very soon, with more details to come. Once I’m finished with it, I plan on finishing my book adaptation to Christmas on the Other Side, and will hopefully have it published for all of you to read in time for Christmas time.

That’s all for now, I’ll have more updates out soon. 🙂

Change My Heart

A land distant from the melodies of You and me. A dream far off from the shore over the seas. A world unlike any other, a place where you, and I can dream. In these embers; I can see a change of heart occur. Under the moon, over the waters, the moonlight looks back at me. In this reflection like a mirror, my eyes could only see the flesh. But through surrendering my heart, my soul, transformation begins.

I find myself free from the religions of the world, free from the chains of doubt, I’ve now found an intimate relationship with the Father. I see heavy hearts, I see beautiful souls. In need of being lifted off the ground, in need of identity. God knows the world and religion has never helped anyone. Cast out in the sea being weighed down by such bondage over the years, your ship struggling to face the storm. But Christ will be the anchor to your ship, the wheel to your ship. Continue reading “Change My Heart”