Written in the Light

Wanderlust away down a tunnel we walk through as we’re lying awake, giving light to a path we never had. Imagining a future you’re too afraid to create, so we let dreams be dreams at night, so we let the day be ruled by a different life. Black and white, we could never find vivid color, oh we could only wonder.

The fears that hid the truth, all it took was a little anxiety to dig a hole deep enough to put your periphery underneath. All it took was a few lies to tell you what you couldn’t be, a few lies that gave you a false identity. All it took was just one night, one treacherous mistake for you to turn off your light. How did these small thorns grow so much to surround you in pain, how did your path leave you here?

Because you unknowingly let time move you into the wrong direction, as the pendulum always moving telling you destiny was already established. Searching for hope, looking for answers, through this fortissimo storm where you couldn’t hear His voice, where flashes of lightning only gave you a glimpse of light, but that illusion of hope was just strong enough to remind you, to remind you of that dangerous leap of faith.

Piercing the night, plunging through the darkness, trying to be somebody else, but you’re just running away from yourself. A runaway, an outcast, a broken heart, roads you crossed, every chapter written down, every soul encountered, but the purpose never went away. They could break your heart, but they could never take it away. You could lose your dreams, but they aren’t gone, no, not for long.

Just one encounter, just one transformation, was all it took for this heavy heart to be lifted off the ground, to be found.



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