The Heart’s Crossing

We fell from the sky in dreams that died, we were pulled into the storm that broke us into desert. The only life we saw, was when we reached the wilderness by dusk, when the the fear of the unknown took us away. Carving our failures into stone, we never felt like we were ever enough. A million lies that tried to sweep us away, how many trials, and failures can we take?

Runaways running in the night, but the night was able to take you far away from home. You ran away for freedom but only locked yourself in a cage, built on lies set to take away years, filling the cracks with time spent in vain. Sometimes we had the key from the start, but you ran away from home far away from your heart. Continue reading “The Heart’s Crossing”

Written in the Light

Wanderlust away down a tunnel we walk through as we’re lying awake, giving light to a path we never had. Imagining a future you’re too afraid to create, so we let dreams be dreams at night, so we let the day be ruled by a different life. Black and white, we could never find vivid color, oh we could only wonder.

The fears that hid the truth, all it took was a little anxiety to dig a hole deep enough to put your periphery underneath. All it took was a few lies to tell you what you couldn’t be, a few lies that gave you a false identity. All it took was just one night, one treacherous mistake for you to turn off your light. How did these small thorns grow so much to surround you in pain, how did your path leave you here?

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Wondering, Wandering Light

Drifting away, as the ice you sit on breaks away. The currents shifting, the wind sets you a sail as you say goodbye to this place you called home. Deep, and far away, further away into the unknown. This steady north fades, the night is here, the stars are in place, but I still can’t piece them together. Why does every constellation go far above my imagination, why can’t this puzzle be solved?

Drifting into the storm, bound to fall under, only a miracle can keep me afloat unless I shift directions. I can go on ahead with the odds stacked against me, or I could just turn around and leave, only a light could provide a path to steer, only something supernatural could still the waters to prevent my demise.

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