A Dream held Close

Lying in my bed I reminisce under the stars at night, flashbacks from the happiness of memories I cling onto so tight. Once upon another dream that didn’t come true. Picturing what I want, things I was too afraid to say. A world I made around me that was never close to my reality. Only a dreamer at night, paying too much attention to what I saw in the light of day. Distant prayers that seemed like wishing upon a star, my faith oh afar.

Scared like walking on thin ice, like caught into troubled waters. Seeming so alive during the day, yet it takes the night for me to think of what my world could be. If my dreams were more than just mere thoughts on my mind, but something my heart could finally traverse through.

Give it time, as you continue to embrace your dreams. A risk here and there, we’ll walk by faith unlike before. Something written down in your mind that’ll be written down in your grand story. Push through the tunnels in darkness, hold onto this light given. Our pasts can’t hinder us anymore, not when our sins are washed white as snow. I’m not going by a feeling, but what’s documented in truth. These burdens can’t win a thing, I’m a new creature for the old is dead.

When all these fears try to reign us down, we’ll escape these fields of fear. Let go of words that tried to hurt you, for no matter what you, and I are dearly beloved. We’ll feel the joy, of a dream come true. Not a false promise, but a promise held so dear. It doesn’t have to take the start of a year to start anew, it takes a change of heart, a revision of dreams, as no mistakes define our storybooks.



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