Along the Journey

Gone away, to a far off place.
Out in the desert, staring into space.
There I was at the edge of sorrow,
Looking for a map, without a compass,
There it was I looked upon the sky,
To see a night of stars,
Searching for a North Star,
Realizing how far away home was,
My heart so cold,
Love wasn’t here,
The night was so young,
the winter was so long.

Couldn’t feel life as I held onto memories,
My dreams stuck into imagination,
Unsure how the world would spin,
If a light would shine,
Trying to seem a dream without vision,
Stumbling in this thick snow,
as I wanderlust to the unknown,
In this world of agony, and despair,
Where you come across one mirage after another,
One lost city buried underneath,
Lies heavy hearts fallen into lostness,
Where bondage lead to pain,
Where pain lead to misery,
Misery to a shattered one.

Lost and fallen into December,
At the end of its time,
Phantom horses roam through the valley,
As they pull chariots of anguish,
Leading to the chamber of distortion,
Shadows carry on to subtle voices,
A symbolic symphony of the astray,
A lake of lost dreams reflected off from these lost hearts,
How short of breath was a dreamer.

Where love was unknown,
As the enemy taught secularity,
An artificial cheap concept of love,
Something that couldn’t heal,
Where it caused brokenness that lead them here,
But truth, but grace,
Perfect love was always there to be found…

You are loved, we are loved,
No more desert plains,
There’s water to drink from,
There’s a book of guidance,
A documented light,
That leads to a better life,
‘Cause even in the desert,
Even in the darkest,
The love of a Savior,
The love of the One,
That took me out of such despair,
And brought me out of agony.

Prayers of peace, and guidance,
Until His perfect love covers you,
The love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
I felt such a joy, I found my true identity,
It wasn’t in this world of mirages,
But in the Creator, Jesus Christ.

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.”

2 Corinthians 5:17



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