A Dream held Close

Lying in my bed I reminisce under the stars at night, flashbacks from the happiness of memories I cling onto so tight. Once upon another dream that didn’t come true. Picturing what I want, things I was too afraid to say. A world I made around me that was never close to my reality. Only a dreamer at night, paying too much attention to what I saw in the light of day. Distant prayers that seemed like wishing upon a star, my faith oh afar.

Scared like walking on thin ice, like caught into troubled waters. Seeming so alive during the day, yet it takes the night for me to think of what my world could be. If my dreams were more than just mere thoughts on my mind, but something my heart could finally traverse through. Continue reading “A Dream held Close”

Set the Light

A little time here and there, when the winter felt stronger, when this season only seemed to be longer, and longer. Freedom seemed ten million miles away, unattainable on this lonely road. How far must one cross over the ocean set between happiness, and despair?

She’s on edge, giving herself scars to search for healing. Through crying, and cutting, she sleeps longer in the day, she stays restless during the night. Wondering if she’ll ever feel loved.

He’s far off, turning to a drink for a temporary escape. He’s in the city, yet his dreams are alone in the wilderness. Struggling to love in this life, fighting for a hope burying himself like dirt. Continue reading “Set the Light”

Along the Journey

Gone away, to a far off place.
Out in the desert, staring into space.
There I was at the edge of sorrow,
Looking for a map, without a compass,
There it was I looked upon the sky,
To see a night of stars,
Searching for a North Star,
Realizing how far away home was,
My heart so cold,
Love wasn’t here,
The night was so young,
the winter was so long. Continue reading “Along the Journey”