What Transformation is This?

Remember how everything seemed so perfect? The life built like a sweet dream, how everything seemed right. A beautiful collection of precious memories we took so long to cherish. Staring into space, wondering why life wandered into this direction.

Falling down a pit, burying the ladder to climb back up, somethings you just assumed weren’t meant to be. You were afraid of what might be in the light, so you chose to dive deeper into the darkness of what you couldn’t see. You defined with what the world had to offer, the only light you saw shining was a fire burning what was home.

You searched for happiness in a world that’s driven others to death, you tried to find healing in a city covered in broken remnants, a place of thorns. You tried to run away, only to further inflict the pain. Love gone in a lifeless world of broken dreams. Oh let this go.

The world is darker than ever, but it cannot touch the light of a child close to God. Side by side, He will be with you. There is hope to all who believe onto the savior of the world. Yes, hope, faith, grace, and love have a name, and that is Jesus.

I wouldn’t have written these words out of uncertainty. Because I know I’ve been forever changed. His sovereign hand has changed my heart, my mind. I’ve never felt a greater love in my life. Through my time in prayer, worship, and His word. I’ve never felt such peace, such love, such hope, such beauty.

I promise you’ll feel the joy, you’ll have peace, you’ll feel loved, your pain will be healed, your scars will disappear, truth will be revealed, dreams will have vision, this road will lead to light. This transformation is a process, but it’s a promise. It’s going to get better from here.

“He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds.”

Psalm 147:3