What Transformation is This?

Remember how everything seemed so perfect? The life built like a sweet dream, how everything seemed right. A beautiful collection of precious memories we took so long to cherish. Staring into space, wondering why life wandered into this direction.

Falling down a pit, burying the ladder to climb back up, somethings you just assumed weren’t meant to be. You were afraid of what might be in the light, so you chose to dive deeper into the darkness of what you couldn’t see. You defined with what the world had to offer, the only light you saw shining was a fire burning what was home.

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You’re Not Alone

I want you to know: that you are dearly beloved. You are a promise, you hold a purpose. The darkness holds destruction, but the light gives life. Don’t give up now, don’t give up. The grace you’re made of, the dreams you’ve been given. Lies that fill anxiety, plans to steal that produces fear. Your burdens, your bondage; just let go.

Run, child run away from this cruelty. Stand in the storm, let the waves come, your heart is being molded in these chain of events. Oh child, you and me, we’re not alone, we’ll find a joy, we’ll find the perfect plan, we’ll look to our compass made up of words written of wisdom, inspiration, and revelation. He stood with me, He will stand with you. Why walk away from perfect love?

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This Hope is Alive

Have you lost it all, so broken away from the land you dreamt to walk on? Have you carried this great bondage, chained down by the weight of the world, carrying far more than you can bear? Tears of great sorrows, dreams disappeared before the dawn of day. There you were walking astray, lost in hurt with a world boarded up with walls you built by this anxiety trapping you.

Take a breath, slow your walk down, you can trust in a new love. Like sweet xylophone melodies rocking you to sleep, ease your mind, you can trust in a greater love. A nearby lullaby playing through this storm you’ve encountered, something seems so supernatural on this night you walk past. I know it’s hard to trust in love again, but this is a perfect love that drives out fear. You can let these walls down, you can run through these fields. Before you saw the storm that could come, but now you’ll see the beauty of flowers, and sunsets, the crafted wonder you could be missing. The view of the moon, and stars, no, this light never left.

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