Healing Hearts

Staring into space, wondering what went wrong. How you went so far gone, where right seems unreachable from here. As the light you used to see is dwindling away before your periphery. Clouds, and fog; the anger of the storm raging through your mind. Even when the sun shines you’re still thinking back on the rain. Somehow, you’ve fallen out of love with the love that once healed you. You were set free only to be living in these chains once again. A prison of broken dreams. You turned to a temporary happiness that’s followed by pain to find healing. Living in bondage to something that’s set out to destroy you. Continue reading “Healing Hearts”

The Life Nearby

Can you believe it? The storm is here again.
Years, and years, you stumbled in darkness.
Hope seemed just too far,
from where you are.
Dreams of the past,
you had only seen a glimpse at night.

You searched for love,
only to let it go.
As you ran out searching for love,
you took the wrong path,
distancing yourself even further away.

Continue reading “The Life Nearby”