Change My Heart

A land distant from the melodies of You and me. A dream far off from the shore over the seas. A world unlike any other, a place where you, and I can dream. In these embers; I can see a change of heart occur. Under the moon, over the waters, the moonlight looks back at me. In this reflection like a mirror, my eyes could only see the flesh. But through surrendering my heart, my soul, transformation begins.

I find myself free from the religions of the world, free from the chains of doubt, I’ve now found an intimate relationship with the Father. I see heavy hearts, I see beautiful souls. In need of being lifted off the ground, in need of identity. God knows the world and religion has never helped anyone. Cast out in the sea being weighed down by such bondage over the years, your ship struggling to face the storm. But Christ will be the anchor to your ship, the wheel to your ship. Continue reading “Change My Heart”

A Lighthouse in My Soul

A place far away, a dream lost at sea. Walking down the shore at night, trying to find your way back. You search for a light, but not even the clouds can partway, not even the moon is seen tonight at its fullest. The only sound you hear is the waves, a peaceful sound keeping you from distress.

Closing your eyes, you take your mind away from a world too fast to be able to enjoy. Saying a little prayer with what little faith that you hold, you’re now putting yourself away from all that you drew close to.

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The Heart’s Journey

Standing inside, hiding away from the hurt. Walls surrounding you, that you’ve put up an attempt to keep you safe. The pain and sorrow of the world, trying to steal, kill, and destroy all that you hold on. So afraid to take a step outside, to let these walls down. Worried that the joy you find won’t last. You let your guard down during those chain of events, now you’re stuck in defense.


You can let your guard down to the One, you can let Christ be your shield. Don’t be afraid, He will keep you safe. You can let these walls come down, it’s been too long since you’ve seen the sunlight. Since the stars sparkled at night seen in the reflection of your eyes. You can laugh, you can smile again, this joy can’t be taken away. You can cry when you’re supposed to hold it back, a loving Father that will wipe away your every tear, overcome your every fear. Live life by His side. Just turn to Jesus Christ your King.

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Another Season in Creation

Here comes a summer rain, to wash away the torrid heat of the day. Here comes a rainbow after the storm, to show His promises still remain. The birds of the air sing praises to its Creator, for our God provides even for them. Sometimes we let the storms that come across our life distract us from that, but surely we created in the image of God are more important than the birds of the air, the fish of the sea. For we are His children, and we are dearly beloved by Him.

Through every seasons we may face trails, grief, anger, sadness, and joy. But it’s these different feelings in life that are a part of

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