This Goodbye

I’ve had it wrong, I fell off track. What I believed was love, was only lies, taking away pieces of my heart slowly over time. I will not take keep taking the road, that leads to yet another dead end. So this will be my goodbye, I don’t need another year leading into more broken expectations.

Here comes the break of dawn, after years spent in the dark I can finally see the sunrise. I’ll find hope arise, at the start of this next chapter. Falling out of love, with the world that tore me apart. What I thought was life, was only trying to write over purpose. Tearing me away from everything He had planned for me, but these

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The Dawn to Come

Closing your eyes, caught up in this distressful time for your heart. You held on so close, only to let go. As you gather the pieces of what’s left, to this reminiscent broken heart. At the start of the day, the feeling of being a million miles away from home. But this weary heavy heart is too tired to fight, too tired to keep walking down this broken road.

Days spent walking in an endless rain, where the sunlight can’t be seen even before the night. Nights too cloudy to even spare a view of the stars. A facade that told you love, only turned such a beauty into lies. Twisting words, making it what it means. Waiting for the light to come, but you’ve spent days in the dark for far too long. Lies that’s keeping you in chains that you’ve already been set free from.

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