What to Live For

A place far away, a dream well remembered. One day I’ll start a fire, but right now I can only see the embers. I’m trying to stay warm enough to keep me going, don’t know where I’m going, whether or not I’ll make it back home is uncertain. If only they cared more to look at the bigger picture, rather than play this game of survival so many have lived by. I see this complex, and well crafted world around me, why should I believe this was all done by an accident? Is it so wrong to want more out of this life? More than living and dying, it’s not all about how hard you’re trying, it’s not all about surviving.

A dream placed in your heart, don’t let it go, don’t let the shadows cover it up. Don’t let this world push you into something you’re not, because who you are is the most beautiful thing. Your definition isn’t defined by scars of the past, it’s

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