A World of Dreams

A world of dreams, when there was a sky full of stars that lit up your life. A constellation that drew out a map to lead you home, like a shooting star to show you which direction to go. When your light shined so bright, when your heart was full of such a radiance; when hope was always seen in your periphery.

Until you entered a world of lost dreams, a place where no child of God belongs to be. Though the stars couldn’t be seen, though the map disappeared, though the silence tried to Continue reading “A World of Dreams”

Winter Heart

Taking this step, on a cloudy winter night, as I look back at what life had for me to unfold. A world of lost dreams, as I reminisce over time. What life seemed to have in store for me, eventually went away. As I begin to close my eyes, a flood of memories comes pouring onto me. Through lost relationships throughout life, what I thought was love is now just a feeling left frozen in time.

The rain comes once again, as I’m left with these tear-stained eyes, intimate with broken once again. A world of possibilities, a life full of dreams, quickly shattered before my eyes. I’m barely holding on, can’t seem to leave the Continue reading “Winter Heart”

Seeking Hope Beyond Belief

I’m so sorry, here I am again. I lost myself, but You found me. Here I am, turning away again. I’m so sorry how quick I am to lose my faith in You. I’m so sorry,how quickly we are to use such a holy name in vain. What little time we make for You, even though we already know You sent Your only Son to die so that we may spend eternity in heaven with You.

I’m so sorry, how quickly we are to let this Continue reading “Seeking Hope Beyond Belief”

A Love Story to be Written by Christ

Cold, bitter, a heart in trouble. A fairy tale, trying to cover these scars. You try to hide these scars, putting on a smile trying to please a world that keeps overlooking you. Under your skin, under this pain, don’t keep running back to agony to find healing. A world of shattered faith, a world of distorted hope. A path of broken glass, you can’t walk here without leaving hurt. Dreams you held onto that made you who you are, a true love won’t tear them away. You’re definition of you are, isn’t Continue reading “A Love Story to be Written by Christ”

God Our Comfort

Come back to Me, leave all these things that’s keeping your heart stuck on the ground. I’m calling out to you, if only you knew, this life I have in store for you. Don’t be afraid to believe, faith will be the crutch in what helps you walk here on this weary road. Wherever you go, I will be here with you. If you find yourself lost, I will leave these footprints to lead you home.

When you can’t walk anymore, I will raise you up, I will carry you, so know that I love you. Continue reading “God Our Comfort”

New Year Update (2017)

Hi all! I know this is a tad bit late, but I just wanted to give you all an update for 2017.

But first I want to say how thankful I am for all of you readers. 2016 was such a wonderful year for me. I started my blog here back in August, and want to thank all of you who have said such inspiring things about my work. Yes, the purpose of my posts are to inspire, restore hope, faith, and love in Christ. You’re kind words go Continue reading “New Year Update (2017)”

Hope Remains

Watch you’re step here, on this delicate road. Fragile as glass, where love has gone broken. A dream turned into a shattered memory a million miles away. Walls torn down, years painted over in black and white. This continuous rain fall coming upon you, such a cloudy day covering our view of the sunlight. As the beautiful flowers start to fade away, as these storm clouds refuse to part way. As these dark clouds try to hide the silver lining throughout all of this heavy rain.

A world so far, the darkness trying to change your heart, a Continue reading “Hope Remains”