A Story to be Written (You Are Loved)


This silent posture, this hidden hurt you could just never vent out. Because I’m hurting, and I need healing. For I am weary, and I’m too weak to stand on my own. This storm I’ve been thrown into, can’t You hear me? In these prayers I’ve prayed, only my echo could be heard. Am I calling out in vain? How I keep wondering why I’m stuck in this silence. I don’t want to keep fighting, and I can’t see where I’m at through this storm. An I too close to give up now, or am I million miles away from home? These questions that emerge, I now know You won’t leave me here.

Oh my child, I will protect you in the storms you walk through. For a God that loves you, you are a wonderful creation. Your heart may be weak, it may be sick, it may be covered in such darkness. But I can cloth it in light. Trust in Me, and hold on, for I will not let you go. So don’t be afraid, I promise you I will keep you safe. Don’t be afraid, you are loved more than you could know.

I don’t make mistakes, and I knew what I was doing when I made you. I knew your future before you even were. It was no accident when you came to be, your destiny isn’t written by your family tree. I have a story written out for you, a purpose to unfold. No one knows there work of art more than the artist. No one knows a story more than the author who wrote it. You are my child, you are dearly beloved, and I will stay faithful, forever and always. I will not leave you, I will not forsake you. Though the world may break your heart, I will surely guard it, I will cherish it, and I can fill it with hope beyond believing.

I’ll provide a map of stars to follow in these lifeless desert lands you’ve been walking in. These scars of the past will become testimonies of tomorrow, remarkable life stories to be told. This new life I have for you to unfold. You don’t have to stay in this bondage anymore, you don’t have to be defined by the pain of the past. The price has already been paid. A love that never fails, a love that will never fail you. These tests you’ve faced have only made you stronger, for the climb from here gets steep. But tonight sleep in peace, the angels I have watching over you.
So trust in the One who knows you from the inside out, who can lead you to His perfect will. Such a beautiful story to be written.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16

Peace in Time


When we look back, at the times we wish we could rewritten. These pages with mistakes of the past we let consume the present, wishing we could tear them out of our story. Fretting over, letting dictate the future. If time is key, then I’ll make new doors, carving again and again. I don’t have to be confined by these windows of sorrows, holding on to this pain.

So I’ll spend my days wisely, cherishing the time I’m given. I’ll let You be my compass, and direct my tomorrows. If I can’t shape out today on my own, then how can I draw out a map for the future without instruction?

So slow down, this isn’t near the ending, we’re still walking through the beginning. Stuck gazing towards this pendulum, as the sand in the hourglass continues to fall. How much sand remains is beyond our knowing. Don’t you fear over the pendulum swinging back and forth, nor the sand in the hourglass. Sure the clock is ticking, and no tomorrow is a given. But in this time let’s give thanks to our Lord, for life is a beautiful gift. May our hearts be filled with His peace beyond our knowledge, so we don’t feel the need to be counting the dials, so we can enjoy such beauty season after season. Knowing that we were made for a reason.

Don’t let time moving by put such weight on your shoulders, but trust in God’s timing. Don’t let fear consume such a beautiful gift. As a ship setting sail to unknown waters, as we enter uncharted territory. As we face these tested times. Know there’s a light after the storm, that we finally see such vibrant colors after the rain comes in. When we see the sunset before the dark comes, a beautiful promise. When the night comes in, we’re left with only the moon and stars. Left with only a little light, but such a promising view. Remember the sunrises after darkness, know you’re given enough light to make it through these dark times.

For worry does nothing but doubt our future and question our faith, but faith in prayer gives us strength beyond understanding. It’s okay, you’re be just fine. There may be struggles in each season you face, so don’t let the storm take your eyes off the promise God’s given you.

“This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Psalm 118:24

A Thursday Sunset


Another Thursday sunset, the sun projecting its most beautiful colors before the moon and stars take the stage. Another wonderful design of creation to be thankful for. Year after year, a flood of memories flowing in our minds. This feeling of nostalgia as we observe these traditions, as we hold on but also continue to make revision.

Let us cherish these times we spend together, as we give thanks for another day given. Another holiday spent together isn’t promised, so let’s treasure this time we have today. These beautiful memories we make, as we remember them year after year. And know our best ones are yet to come. A book of our written history, as we continue to turn the page making new stories.

Happy thanksgiving!



I often look at creation whenever I think of something to be thankful for. The beautiful sky like a perfect painted picture. Changing colors, changing weather, showing us new patterns everyday. Showing us new things in this life. Often worrying of what’s put on the table, but we have a wonderful giving God. If he provides food and shelter for the birds, then surely we made in the image of God are cared for even more by Him than we could fathom.

Life itself is a beautiful gift. Such a wonderful thing to exist, a creation from God. Know you’re a masterpiece made from God our Artist. Surely if we were made by a perfect God, that we have a purpose to fulfill in life. Searching for the pieces in this jigsaw puzzle, but only Christ can put them together.

So let us give thanks unto the Lord for all that we do. For another day we live is another gift to be grateful for. Even when it seems like we have nothing, we have something. We have a loving God, a loving Father, looking out for us. Who is with us. Although it’s easier to think of the bad that happens to us in life, to dwell on the hard times we face. The same God some cast the blame for their faults on, for their losses in life, the same God some curse, some use His holy name in vain.

Is the same God that showed us the greatest act of love in all of history and that’s to come. The same God that sent a dying lost world hope. The same God that has stayed faithful forever and always. The same God that gave up His only begotten Son. Jesus Christ, such a wonderful holy name. Who was betrayed, beaten, mocked, tortured, left to die. He died for you, so that you may be with Him in eternity. And that alone is something to be thankful for. That, alone is something to live for. Now that, is pretty amazing. Though some may be uncertain, but I know now that even through the rough seasons in life, that God’s been good to me.

“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”

Psalm 107:1

A Beautiful Love Story Written for You


Beautiful light stored within. Branch by branch, the time you were covered in that light. Thinking love left you cold, but love wasn’t designed that way. A precious heart fragile like stained glass, a beautiful soul beyond value of riches in gold.

Sometimes in someways, we were told you have to fall into these mistakes to learn, to live more. But truth be told God has a love story written out beautifully just for you. Something no Hollywood script could ever grasp. Hold onto these dreams He dreamed for you, let go of these lies that drew you into to believing any less. A love that doesn’t fall in such darkness, but is sheltered in God’s wonderful light. Don’t rush your way out of God’s lovely plans for you.

To cherish the heart, the soul, crafted by God. With respect, with honor, with tenderness, with intimacy. Something you once believed was only a fairy tale, unfolds into a beautiful love story God wrote out for you. Believe the best things in life are worth waiting for. Caring more about these years to come, so tomorrow’s worth the wait. Would you rather your love story start out as a short series leading to one heart break after another, or one complete story with God as the author?

Let prayer be your compass. There’s no sugar coating the artificial love that our world has drawn. Such a counterfeit to it’s true identity, but to hold on to this sweet promise of purity. Where Christ is first in life, so His light may protect our heart from the darkness we may face along the way. So our eyes aren’t set on these temporary desires, but on the narrow road we face ahead in which we witness what joy is. The view at the top of the mountains we face makes the climb ahead all so much more worth it. A wonderful promise, such a beautiful gift, just to witness God’s amazing love. This, a love story to wait for, to pray for. Through the rough turns, and the fierce storms ahead, I can promise you He will keep you safe.

But as it is written:
“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9

Encompassing Love


The overwhelming light that once shined so bright. A map drawn out, dreams as visible as stars shining bright on a clear winter sky. But how time passed by, how the view of the stars seems to be taken over by an endless cloudy night. In these dark moments of life, I can’t see the stars. This projection of light shining a light in life seems to be lost in this dark room, unable to find the switch.

These dark roots that’s grown over the years, I keep telling myself I can’t go back. Wishing I could rewrite these mistakes, and erase the pain of the past. I keep walking down a path surrounded by thorns in this dark abyss, I can’t find any lanterns to light the way here. The feeling of being torn apart, why there’s so much damage being done to the heart. All the lies we get tangled into trying to keep it safe, keep us further away from the answers we once looked for.

We tried forgetting, but unable to let go. Stray souls lost out in the wilderness. An enigma to be discovered, too far away from home. Sometimes we hold on to the pain of the past, to the struggles of tomorrow, rather than turn to the hope in front of us. A love that once healed our pain, that gave us joy in life, that showed us dreams beyond believing. One misstep after another that came in life, but this story is far from compete. God’s love beyond our comprehension.

A love to encompass around you. Where the clouds part way to a sky of stars shining brightly. A light leading you out of the wilderness onto fields that lie under a map of beautiful constellations. Where we find ourselves in comfort as we see promises in God’s magnificent creation. A love to live for, a light to walk in, a joy to experience. May we set our eyes on a greater purpose than we could fathom. A heart to be restored by the Lord.

“Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord”

2 Peter 1:2

The Climb Ahead


Sometimes we lose our balance, on this steep walk in life we take. So afraid to fall, so we take our eyes off the road we were destined to walk on. Always imagining that these dreams we dream are true, but so afraid to take that next step to make them become reality. The lies in life that tell us we can only dream of these things.

Some things that are meant to let go, and some things are worth chasing. Seasons in life we walk through, each of them different from one other. Don’t be confined by the the dreams of the world, when the dreams God has in store for us are like gold compared to the things we once chased. These things that will just collect dust over time, but keep your eyes set on the narrow road that unfolds out before eternity.

Climbing up this mountain, I can’t see the view from the top, but I know the beautiful view that’s to come. When my eyes can finally see the obstacles I faced along the way. How we once almost gave up, but something kept us moving on. This mountain I tried to ignore, trying to avoid the struggles that would come. But I see now the climb up only made me stronger. Learning that love isn’t supposed to be easy, that’s part of what makes it so strong, so unique, such a rare beauty. Like summer rains to bring autumn’s most vibrant leaves. Like facing an unknown mountain, not knowing what’s to come along the way. But that dedication made at the start, the promise of making it to the top, for better or worse.

What guided our footsteps along the way. If my life is a story, then I sure trust God more than me to have the pen.

“Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Christ.”

2 Thessalonians 3:5