It takes the light, putting the cap over the lens. Like a heavy fog to block the peripheral vision. It surrounds joy with sorrow. Taking the good things, and putting a cloud of distress over them. It’s the blindfold over logic. It’s the waves trying to cover the footprints.

Fear. Fear of tomorrow, fear over yesterday, fear over present. Trying to suffocate the joy we feel. The worry, the stress, that consumes lives. Fear over the unknown, fear over the good things, fear over money, fear of loss, fear trying to spread over the life we cherish.

But there’s a light that shines over the darkness. Love has already conquered death. Our Savior has already won. The very Creator that created all things, the One who holds our universe in His hands. Faith over this stress. Remember, you and me were made in the image of God. Why do we not trust in our Creator, when He even provides for the birds of the air, creatures of land and sea?

He will give you everything you’ll ever need in life, not everything we desire from world view. From our very first heartbeat, to our very last, He will be there for us. Such peace that comes when we only fear God in life, such warmth knowing our Lord as our shepherd keeping watch. When the coldness of fear comes in, let His warming fire bring it out. The light shining into the dark showing us what’s really in sight.

“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

John 14:27



Changing seasons, time moving on. In the autumn when the leaves are at its most vibrant color. Sprinkles of God’s creation falling from the trees in such beauty. Creation bringing something new, season by season. The crisp wind, the smell of burning leaves. The calming winds, the streams of grace flowing.

Looking at the water, reflection of God’s wonderful creation. A perfect picture painted around us. Showing how amazing of an artist our Creator truly is. These reflections we observe. We’re seen in a different view than what the mirror shows us. A God who sees His creation, our souls, not what’s seen on the outside. Dreams not our hearts dream, but dreams He dreams for you and me. The beauty we walk through in each season. Autumn reminding us the that the end is even more beautiful than the beginning of the Spring.

Changing colors, changing weather patterns. These seasons aren’t all in one, so life isn’t lived all at once. We don’t have to rush over these pages, knowing God’s got the pen. In these vibrant blue autumn skies, as the green grass dies, covered in leaves. Soon to be covered by a white glistening blanket of snow. Season by season, day by day, we witness such a lovely creation. Constantly showing off God’s great work. What a gift it is to exist, what a wonderful feeling it is to be one of God’s creation. 

“Have you not known?
Have you not heard?
The everlasting God, the Lord,
The Creator of the ends of the earth,
Neither faints nor is weary.
His understanding is unsearchable.”

Isaiah 40:28

Beauty Within


Our heart, our soul. Carefully crafted by our Creator. The beauty in the inside often overlooked by what’s seen on the outside. Our bodies like shells, what’s really true is what’s in the inside. Our looks just like painted walls, fading over time. But what’s special about the house is who lives inside the home. As looks fade away, but a loving heart, a beautiful soul lasts forever.

Why do we get caught by looks? Something so temporary. Love isn’t what we see on the outside. But the beauty within. The intimacy between a man and woman. As they grow old together not by what caught their eye on the outside, but by the intimate radiance they saw in each other by heart, by soul. The true beauty over time, when you hand over the ink and pen to the greatest Author there is.

Like stars, out of the billions, there’s not another like you. As the rain goes out, and the clouds part way. The sunlight coming through. The rainbow coming down in a black and white world. Seeing in vivid color. As we let God write out our love story. Not seeking what can benefit us, but what they can do together for their King.

Perhaps people would cherish lives more if they thought more about the story behind each individual out there. What we see on the outside doesn’t define who they are, what there heart is. Your home is where your heartbeat can be heard. True love wasn’t meant to be experimented over and over, it wasn’t designed to break hearts, it was made to bring us closer to Christ, it was made to strengthen us, to bring us joy, to share laughter. Lust a cheap counterfeit. A distraction trying to destroy what the true image is. For the physical mirror many look to has little resemblance of who we truly are.

Like a red rose surviving in the winter, like a white rose in the sunlight. Sticking out from the rest of the crowd. Don’t stress over for it to come by, don’t let it distract for the things God has for you now. Trust in God’s perfect sweet timing to write down the turning page in your love story. The memories worth waiting for.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Romans 8:28

Special thanks to Caitlyn Knutson for the inspiring picture and idea for this post!

Sunlight Through the Storm


Sunlight reflecting off the oceans. The sunrise in the morning, the sunset setting off the calm waves. Wave after wave, different from one another. Reflecting your beauty. An event so usual, yet still so beautiful. When the clouds part way, and your light shines through. Like a happily ever after, the sweetness at the end of the day. For this pink sky to replaced by a starry night.

As our ships set sail, to new waters. We’re reminded God’s love is on our side, through the storms of the sea we face. We have another sunset after the storm to see. Like still waters in a raging sea. We find joy to be thankful for even through the darkest of storms in life. The uneasiness in life truly testing the light we hold. But we know there’s more beauty in life to unfold. His steady compass guiding us along the way.

Out lost in the wander, our rafts coming untied. The fear of drowning. Trusting God easier said than done, but if it was easy, we’d know it wouldn’t be right. Even when you’ve fallen off, know it’s not over. You haven’t been forgotten about. Your heart only gets stronger through this hurricane trying to bring you under. But God’s love conquers all, as you’re about to be pulled back up. Through this test that’s taught us the courage of light by night. Perhaps these waves we once tried to avoid in life, our pulling us closer towards Christ.

“Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

The Walk Across

the bridge

Crossing the bridge. Take your time, and enjoy the beauty in life. This walk in life you don’t have to rush through. Take your time to learn to fly, as your heart becomes ready for the unknown. Piece by piece, each timber constructed underneath your feet. The memories you’ve fallen in love with along the way, the new waters you’ve crossed. There is so much beauty to see.

As you follow the trail, the dirt God laid out for you to walk on, separated from the loneliness of the wilderness. The foundation of love that’s been built out for you over the years. Year by year, how you’ve grown in beauty. A masterpiece wonderfully crafted by God. As you go to cross, leave back all the things that try to keep your heart on the ground. So afraid for joy to come in life, fretting over tomorrow.

But wonderful things lie ahead on this path. The kindle to keep this fire lit for a lifetime. The fire to keep your heart warm in the coldest of winters. To give you all that your heart needs most. Life isn’t lived all at once, so take your time, with each step, each moment. Cherish these stories God has for you, feeling out each page as it’s written, this precious life you’ve been given.  As you put your trust in Him, the weight of the world starts to get lighter, the future starts to look brighter.

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Romans 15:13

Special thanks to Caitlyn Knutson for the inspiring picture!

Place to Peace


Looking across to the other side. A sight visible within the eye, yet seems so far away. The wilderness I conquered with You on my side, how did I stumble back inside once here again? But You shined a lantern even though I didn’t deserve it. The storm I walked through, you calmed to a zephyr, the currents in these waters to a gentle breeze.

My world once black and white, until He converted it over to vivid color. Rearranging the stars in my sky, a map He drew out guiding my direction, to shine lights in the darkest of places I’m bound to lose myself in. I see now the candle I hold means nothing without His light, His fire. Just like birds, uplifted by the wind. We were made to fly. These mountains once blocking our paths, now beneath our feet.

This place I’ve been lead to, where the waters are still, where you can hear God’s creation singing gentle songs of praise. The water reflecting the beauty in life. As you try hard to concentrate, can you remember these things that tried to bring you down along the way? This heavy baggage you’ve been carrying along the way, that tries to weigh you down, that keeps your ship from sailing. You don’t have to carry this anymore, these burdens out of your hands. These words you held onto for far too long. They can’t be the author over your story, they cannot define who you are. For God has already called you. And He will stay faithful, forever and always. From the first gleam of light, to the last.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

2 Corinthians 5:17

Special thanks to Caitlyn Knutson for the awesome picture!

Run to God

starry skies

Running out tonight in these fields of flowers, holding onto the dreams He put in your heart. These things that try to make you afraid, that try to keep you in chains. But you’ve already been set free, why turn away from God before you get on your knees? The darkness you’ve worried over, can’t cover the wonderful light that you hold.

If only you knew, that you are loved, more than you could ever imagine. If only you knew that you are cherished, more than you could ever know. If only you knew, your heart like none other, a masterpiece from above. If only you knew, the world shines brighter because of you. If only you knew, you have a purpose. If only you knew, the callings God has in store for you. If only you knew, God’s love for you. If only you knew, the beautiful chapters in life that lie ahead. If only you knew, His story written out for you.

Running out in fields on a calm autumn night. This isn’t a race, this is the story that unfolds before eternity. This is the love that’s changed countless lives, this is the love that saved a dying world. The Savior that brought hope to the lost world we live in today. So run to Him, run to God, and leave these false hopes behind. And when she stumbles, may the gentlemen that God has placed into her life, help her along the way. May a relationship not separate them farther away, nor be a distraction from their Creator, but lead them closer to their King.

Losing faith, or believing it’s too late. There’s no one that can’t be changed, know His love conquers all. When the fire turns to ember, He can draw a spark to light it again. In every season we walk through, we pray to put our trust in Him. The light that shined so brightly, that led us out of the wilderness. These footprints that will lead us home, out of the desert lands.

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower;
The righteous run to it and are safe.”

Proverbs 18:10